Absentee Owners

It takes a very special agent committed to continous communication to satisfy the needs of an out-of-town owner. Absentee owners need not to worry about lack of communication from Betty. Communication is Betty’s top priority even if you live in a different time zone or country. She understands the importance of keeping you aprised of everything going on with the property and the transaction. Even though you may be 4,000 miles away, you will always be well informed and can rest assured that she will look out for your best interests.

Concierge Services

Coldwell Banker and Betty Fernandez have many well-respected and reliable vendor contacts such as contractors, painters, plumbers, etc., that have been used by our clients. They are responsible and skilled in their profession offering our clients the best prices for the workmanship.

Betty can also obtain other professionals for appraising furnishings, antiques and artwork. Her Spanish-speaking skills assist in communicating with landscapers, janitorial and other service professionals or even tenants.


Betty believes that by having a Home Inspection and Termite Inspection, the Seller can disclose the property condition and alleviates the re-negotiation in the middle of the transaction when the buyer submits their request for repairs. This avoids having the seller provide a credit to the buyer or losing the buyer altogether and having to start all over with a new buyer. By disclosing the issues up front or taking care of them in advance of getting an offer, Buyer’s are fully informed of the property’s condition and can feel secure in making a solid offer from the very beginning.

Of course, there are other items that can also be inspected by the buyer, such as sewer lines, fireplaces, lead, geological and structural issues which does not prevent them from making a request for additional credits.