June 24, 2015

Dear Prospective Seller,

Betty Fernandez receives my highest recommendation. I have known Betty for over fifteen years. First as a neighbor and friend then as my real estate agent. Her qualities that have always impressed me are her patriotism and friendliness. However with my most recent home sale I learned that Betty's real estate knowledge, integrity and diligence also add to her most important

Betty advised me early in the sales process that if I followed her formula she would be able to get me the most money for my home within a short amount of time. I relied on her as a friend to make that happen as I had no prior experience working with her professionally. I followed every detail of her advice and made the best effort to depersonalize my home to make it appeal to the largest percentage of buyers. I realized quickly that her expertise was above and beyond the typical real estate agent. For my home, a small repair investment meant a big return in sales price that Betty was able to hone in on to deliver a sale above the asking price in less than her two week results statistic.

Betty has a reliable list of contractors to repair anything your home may need. She was there with me every day, either by phone or in person, explaining every next step. I appreciate Betty for her dedication and persistence. I hope she will be your next best friend.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


April 16, 2015

4We Should Have Called Betty First…

After being on the market with another agent for over 300 days and having the escrow cancelled six days before closing, we decided to fire our agent and work with Betty.

Betty did research on the architecture and history of our home, used a professional photographer and made other suggestions to get the highest price for our home. The home was marketed as a "Frank Lloyd Wright - Inspired Design" and three weeks later, we listed the property for a much higher price than we had with our other agent. We received multiple offers and accepted an offer within 9 days. She sold our home for $65,000 more than our last offer that failed to go through. I wish we would have called Betty first. She exceeded our expectations in many ways. She is like part of the family now.

April 15, 2015

3Winston Churchill Said It Best When He said, "I Am Easily Satified With The Very Best!"

Betty makes it very clear, that as her client you are extremely important to her. She is tireless in her pursuit to represent your best interests. Her hard work and meticulous attention to detail will satisfy the most demanding of her clients. I know, because it is next to impossible to satisfy me. Yet Betty has done it and continues to do it.

My purchase involved a property in need of repairs and I was out of the country. Betty went above and beyond to get in touch with a structural engineer, meet with contractors, and check out county permits. I was ready to give up but Betty was able to reassure me that we can successfully complete the transaction. With her negotiation skills, she was able to get me $15,000 for the repairs and close escrow in a timely manner.

April 14, 2015

1We Were Fortunate to Find a Talented, Knowledgeable and Reliable Agent!

To be able to put our property in the hands of a trusted agent when we were 2,000 miles away was a blessing. We are grateful for your can-do attitude, your reliability, your creativity and your willingness to work hard to get good results! Thanks Betty!

(805) 658-0977
April 14, 2015

2Impressed After Observing Her Integrity and Dedication…

I was so impressed with Betty after meeting her through the Ventura County District Attorney's Real Estate Fraud Advisory Team that I hired her to assist me in several capacities in my Real Estate Law Firm and Commercial Appraisal office. I also represent the Court in Divorce cases, Partition Actions and Estates as a Court Appointed Receiver.

With Betty's unique skill-set, she assisted me with appraising, real estate transactions, expert witness case preparation, Spanish translation and representing me as a Court Appointed Receiver on residential sales related to court cases for estates, divorces and partition actions.

She possesses the ultimate "can-do" attitude with an upbeat personality and engaging personal style. I have sold over 500 properties in my career and can attest that Betty is very knowledgeable in her field.