Serving Seniors

Hopefully, you have found me in the beginning of this process and I can help you with the difficult task of taking care of your parents when they can no longer take care of themselves. Preventing you from making costly mistakes and avoiding the pitfalls of not being prepared for your parents’ eventual departure. I am here as a resource for you and your family to allow for a smooth transition and eliminate as much stress as possible.

As your facilitator, I can help you manage the home selling process as well as coordinating inspections, estate sales, referrals to service professionals, cleaning, landscaping, repairs and anything else you may need.  If you live far away, I can communicate with you on a daily basis to make you feel like you and I are working together side-by-side, providing you with photographs and reviewing the documents and reports with you over the phone and email.

My purpose for designing this website is to provide you with practical, effective and efficient steps to care for your parents, prevent financial mistakes and distribute your parents’ assets in a way that honors them and maintains family harmony for generations to come.

My Parents Home for Sale